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“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Executive Summary

“Water – The Crisis Ahead” Executive Summary

Winter 2010 Newsletter

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12th Annual Kistler Prize

• September 30, 2020

“Global Population and the Planetary Future – 2011”

• Humanity 3000 Workshop
• November 3–4, 2011



Norman Myers Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series

• May 2011

“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Workshop

• Taipei, Taiwan
• November 2010

Peter Ward Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• October 2010

11th Annual Kistler Prize

• September 2010

“Managing the Future”

• Talk by Sesh Velamoor
• July 2010

“Water – The Crisis Ahead”

• Humanity 3000 Workshop
• April 2010  [AUDIO FILES]





2011 at Foundation For the Future


Foundation For the Future launches its fifteenth year of operation with exciting plans for an extension of emphasis on the study of the relationship between the human genome and society. Our mission of increasing and diffusing knowledge will also mean sponsoring lecturers to bring to the public, free-of-charge, direct access to expert information on topics that impact humanity. And a "Humanity 3000" seminar will again bring together a roster of leading thinkers from multiple disciplines to discuss the critical issues that have emerged in recent years for our species and Planet Earth.



2010 Kistler Prize Acceptance Speech and Presentation by Leroy Hood

Foundation For the Future selected genomics pioneer Dr. Leroy Hood to be the 2010 winner of the Kistler Prize. Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., Co-founder and President of the Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, was awarded the Kistler Prize for creating the technological foundation for the sciences of genomics and proteomics. More…



12th Annual Kistler Prize

September 30, 2020

“Global Population and the Planetary Future – 2100”

Humanity 3000 Workshop • November 3–4, 2011




“Time of Breakdown or Breakthrough?”
by Dr. Norman Myers, CMG

Fourth Lecturer of the Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series

May 2011

Norman Myers, British environmentalist and expert on population pressures, teaches at Oxford University's Centre for Environment. He's also an Adjunct Professor at Duke University and Visiting Professor at University of Vermont and University of Cape Town. He was at Town Hall, Seattle, in May to address how population growth in the US and elsewhere affects the world's problems and what we can do about it. More…


“Global Transitions and Asia 2060”

Taipei, Taiwan • November 2010

A conference entitled “Global Transitions and Asia 2060: Climate, Political-Economy, and Identity” was held in Taipei, Taiwan, in November under the joint sponsorship of Tamkang University (Taipei), Foundation For the Future, and Kyung Hee University (Seoul). The purpose of the conference was to embed a long-term futures thinking approach in current policy discussions on the future of Asia in academic, governmental, and business arenas. The invitation-only conference brought together prominent scientists and scholars from a variety of disciplines including geopolitics, education, philosophy, security, environmental activism, and futures studies. More…

“Our Flooding World” by Dr. Peter D. Ward

Third Lecturer of the Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series

October 2010

University of Washington professor and paleontologist Peter D. Ward spoke on sea-level change. Dr. Ward is a professor of biology and of Earth and space sciences at UW, and an astrobiologist with NASA. Among his more acclaimed books are Rare Earth: Why Complex Life Is Uncommon in the Universe (with Donald Brownlee, 2000) and Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future (2007). His latest book, The Flooded Earth: Our Future in a World Without Ice Caps, was published in June. More…

“Managing the Future”

A Talk by Sesh Velamoor
Trustee & Director of Programs, Foundation For the Future
June 2010

Sesh Velamoor routinely speaks and writes on aspects of the long-term future in local, national, and international journals and fora. Following is a speech given at both the 2010 Eastside Leadership Conference on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, and in the Evening MBA Program at a University of Washington campus.

This presentation emphasizes the state of the world, including emerging transitions, worldviews and paradigms, and five key sets of ideas for leaders – along with suggested homework and a recommended reading list. More…

“Water – The Crisis Ahead”

Humanity 3000 Workshop
April 2010

Water is emerging as a bigger crisis for humanity than oil, but few in the general public are aware of the urgent need to address this issue. In this invitation-only workshop, Foundation For the Future put sharp focus on the subject by convening internationally recognized experts for face-to-face discussions on the coming water crisis. More…