4 Countries with The Best Technology in the World

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Many countries in the world have tried to get the position to be a country that has world high class technology. As we know that technology can be inferred, it is also one the nation’s main weapons that can help the country to make everything runs well and easily. That’s why each country even make Read More

5 New Technologies in Education to Get a Better Future

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Technology brings so many advantages for our life, especially in education. It will make you ask for a long time what the latest gadgets that will change your classroom in future? That’s so hard to know right? but there are some lists of the new technologies in education to get a better future. It comes Read More

The Impacts of The Future Technology in The World

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Technology has become part of our life, which also to the point where it has taken over our lives. You can notice the technology by seeing your gadgets, computers and even another tech appliances. Furthermore, the PC at your desk, handphone, Wifi and etc has transformed every aspect of our lives. In this article, you Read More

Germany, A Leader in Future Technology and Innovation in The World

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Do you know Germany, which popular with Germany is Europe’s most industrialised and also populuous country that has so big achievements in its technological. Then, it has also produced some of Europe’s most celebrated composers and philosophers. From Germany, so many countries have learned and contributed so much to the science and their technology. That’s Read More

4 Technologies in Agriculture in The World That You Should Know

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Farmers in Australia is so precious, they are racing against a clock in one way or another. They trying to work with uncompromising weather phenomena, which is so confusing. The Australian farmers work in every aspect of their farm, whether it be a mixed or specialised in farming. Their tasks are from fixing fencex, managing Read More

The Amazing Tech Innovations at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics

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South Korea is one of the world’s fifth biggest exporter and also 10th largest economy. It has 50 million home to tech giants including LG, Samsung and Hyundai. That’s why South Korea is well known in developing Science, ICT and future planning. South Korean has also team up with the local companies to put together Read More

Amazing! 3 Brilliant Innovations of Japan That You Should Know

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Japan is well-known as the country that has so many innovations and technology that very amazing. Each year, Japan gave the world the bullet train, tha Walkman and also blue LED light that showcases its latest and cutting edge consumer technologies. Even in 2017, Sharp introduced the 8K era with its dazzling 27-inch monitor of Read More

5 African Technology Trends in 2018 that You Must Know

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Africa has the world’s oldest record of achievement in technology, even the oldest stone tools have been found there. But now the history of science and technology in Africa has received a very little attention compared to other regions of the world. Then, there are 5 African Technology Trends in 2018 that You Must Know. Read More

Technology Innovations of 2018 for The Better World

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Time by time makes the technology becoming more wonderful and also better than yesterday. From AI-Powered micro-cameras that monitoring the world’s ocean to the graduation of quantum computers, from the lab into the real world and so on. Even those amazing technological advances will bring and have a real impact on lives in the next Read More

4 Technologies in Japan That Will Make You Amazed

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Japan is full innovative ideas, futuristic technology, and many things that will make you amazed. This country is one of the best destination to get more knowledge, such as the opportunity to learn about culture, trends, practices the local religion or even technology that so amazing. That’s so cool right? here the information about 4 Read More

The Reason Why Technology is a Key to Africa’s Future

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Technology has the biggest impact to our lives, especially for our future. In Africa, technology is good to improve people’s lives like so many applications are. For example, Ushahidi is a group of Kenyan tech experts make a way to get reports of Kenya’s post-election violence by a mobile phone, making a real time incident Read More