10 products that are changing the world of technology

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touch tablets, cloud computing and other innovations that revolutionized our daily lives. However, believe it or not, this just the beginning as technology is getting better than ever. 

Here are ten products that are changing the world of technology as we know it. 

1. Google Glass

As augmented reality is slowly making a name for itself in the forms of educations and simulated experiments, Google has taken it a few levels higher with the Google Glass. When you wear it, you will be able to view social media feeds, Google maps, text, take photos and navigate with GPS. Another bonus is that you will also get the latest updates on things that matter throughout your day. The glass has a steep price tag of $1500, but fear not – as other tech companies will develop an affordable version to stay in the competition. 

2. Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is another form of virtual reality gaming with its new 3D headset that leaves you feeling as if you are actually inside the game. You can turn your head around with low latency and view the game in a high-resolution display. While other products in the market claims to do the same thing, the Rift is only just the beginning of the gaming revolution. 

3. Space Drones

NASA has challenged designers to create a conventional drone that will work within a space station. The design would use cameras to maneuver around and find its way through confined spaces. 

4. Eye Tribe

While this product has been on display and widely discussed by tech enthusiast throughout the years, Eye Tribe was successfully created to allow you to take control of your tablet and play games with your eye movements. Eye Tribe is the conventional eye-tracking technology mixed with a front-facing camera and more. 

5. Bio-bean

The coffee industry is said to create more than 200,000 tons of waste every year. In fact, no one bothered to decide what to do with it until entrepreneur Arthur Kay decided to turn 85% of coffee waste into biofuel for powering transport and heating buildings. 

6. Parallella

Parallella is said to change the way computers are made. It is a supercomputer for anyone as it is built for processing complex software and energy efficient. Expect to see real-time object tracking, speech recognition, holographic heads-up display and more with Parallella. 

7. Internet for everyone

After SpaceX and Tesla, Elon, the founder of PayPal is turning his focus towards the web as he is waiting for approval to send around four thousand mini satellites into Earth’s lower orbit. This will beam top-speed wireless signal for everyone to use. After a set of satellite tests, the project is expected to be completed by 2020. However, he does have some competition as British billion Richard Branson also has plans to bring unlimited Wi-Fi to the world. 

8. 760 mph trains

Do you hate your slow commute every day? Imagine your train speeding through a tunnel the same speed of a commercial jet airliner. Elon Musk’s dream is to project his hyperloop system and produce trains that travel as fast as 760 mph through a secured vacuum tube that is propelled by induction motors and compressed air. There is also a site ready for test runs. Once it’s completely built, the loop will begin to transport passengers from LA to San Francisco within 30 minutes. A significant step up than almost 8 hours by train. 

9. Human Head Transplant

In 2016, a neurosurgeon based in Italy, attempted to perform the first ever human cranial transplant. However, there has yet to be any successful attempt on animal operation with long-term results of survival. Due to the challenges of the spinal cord connection to the brain, Canafero suggests on improvement in the process by using polyethylene glycol and a spaced blade to help promote growth in spinal cord nerves. The intent of the procedure was to help those paralyzed for a new future and body. A Russian man named Valery Spiridonox, who has a genetic muscle-wasting disease, volunteered himself to be the first patient. 

10. Floating Farms

According to the United Nations, it is predicted that there will be over two billion people in the world by year 2050. This will create a need for more food. More than 80% of the population will be living within the city region as food will be brought in. Architect Javier Ponce, owner of Forward Thinking has created a design of a three-tier structure with solar panels to provide energy that is sustainable. The middle tier will grow vegetables using liquid nutrients rather than soil. The plant matter would then drop to the bottom layer to feed fish. 

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