10 Technology Jobs That Will Exist in the Future

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With all the latest advancement in technology, the future generation should be preparing for careers that have yet to exist. In fact, experts say more than 65% of students in the next generation will have careers that have yet even to be created.

In addition to new jobs being created in the future, many old jobs will end up being replaced by software automation or robots. While the idea of losing a job to robots can be unsettling, not every job will be affected.

Here are ten technology jobs that will exist in the future, but do not exist yet.

Digital Currency Advisor

Digital currencies are continuing to rise as people are losing trust in the government-controlled currency. To help you ensure that you do not have a failed financial portfolio in the future, you will need a digital currency advisor who is well-trained in the cryptocurrencies to maintain a diversified digital portfolio. Skills for a digital currency consultant will include a degree in financial management and computer security.

Food Engineer

As 3D printing is currently taking the world by storm, it has been used for various applications such as models in the cosmetics industry and prosthetics. Soon there will be 3D food printing that will create different types of food, some of which can be eaten. Food engineers will be expected to have an engineering and chemistry background.

Commercial Civilian Drone Operators

Digital Locksmith

Shortly, digital locksmiths with expert skills in digital locks will start being employed. Their primary function will be getting people out of locked cars or into their houses when digital locks fail. As no technology is 100% efficient, there will always be defects, and with that, a digital locksmith will be required.

Media Remixer

With hundreds of DJ’s and VJ’s in the world, the future will be about media remixers who can mix up past and present audio and video to develop incredible experiences for artists, brands, restaurants, schools, and weddings. Imagine a virtual reality meeting with a hint of vertigo for this position. The job will require skills such as audio engineering and graphic design.

Home Automation Contractor

Society will need a skilled technician to install home automation systems devices and configure them to meet your exact need. This job will require technical training for specific products.


As a result of natural disasters, industrial farming, and overdevelopment, natural landscapes will continue to disappear around the world. This will be critical in the future for rewilders will agricultural and wildlife experience and training to restore nature back to some of the forsaken locations on Earth.

Organ Harvester

As of today, several labs around the world are growing human organs. With the advancement of technology, there will be a need for organ harvesters to plant and harvest the organs before being implanted by robot-surgeons. This position will actively require chemistry and biology backgrounds.

Personal Web Manager

A personal web manager’s job is to prevent people from making fools of themselves on social media platforms and anywhere else on the internet. While this position may sound absurd, there is already a growing need for such a job. Your reputation will only be as good as the information you display on the internet.

Personal web managers will play the combined role of a publicist, guidance counselor, security agent, and even a hacker. The skills required for this job will entail a tech savvy individual with strong PR skills.

Robot Operator

While Robot Operators are a general position, they will be greatly in demand in specific industries. Robots will slowly begin to take over manual labor jobs in hopes for safety. There will also be a demand for technicians to install, fix issues, and configure when there may be failures. Robot operators will need to be specified technical training to meet the needs of their specialized products.

Technology will continue to grow and change the world as we know it. With thousands of ongoing innovations at an all-time high, the world will be different within a span of ten years. There are many uses of technology as thousands of products are undergoing tests and makeovers to make better products, services, and processes for the future. However, to do so, experts will be needed.

While these jobs may not yet exist, they will inevitably appear in the near future.

Image source: ClickSoftware.com
Image source: ClickSoftware.com