The Reason Why Technology is a Key to Africa’s Future

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Technology has the biggest impact to our lives, especially for our future. In Africa, technology is good to improve people’s lives like so many applications are. For example, Ushahidi is a group of Kenyan tech experts make a way to get reports of Kenya’s post-election violence by a mobile phone, making a real time incident maps to show what, when and also where the incident happens.

It’s not only that, Ushahidi has cultivated more than 150 tech startups and made more than 1000 jobs. It has also facilitated so many solutions for solving the critical public problems, and then make the relationship between citizens and their governments better than before. That’s all the technology is developed by Africans for Africans, even the mobile services and applications have helped the people there. It also provides accessible information on market prices, weather, health and even good farming practice for their activitiy needs.

That technology is so fantastic, it can make the Africa’s future getting better. So, do you want to know the reason why technology is a key to Africa’s future? Here the information.

The Reason Why Technology is a Key to Africa’s Future
Africa is one of the best place that has innovation and creativity. The technology that made is aimed to help them breaking down the barries to energy. Even the solar-powered phone chargers are becoming more common and used by thousand people. That could also help Africa to progress and successfully simply their domestic savings into an investment, facilitating the tranformation from low to high-income countries.

Technology has been key to many Of Africa’s most exciting developments in the last 10 years. You can see it from the social media platforms such as Mara Online that has changed the usage of global giants of Twitter, Facebook and also Linkedln.

That’s the information about The Reason Why Technology is a Key to Africa’s Future. Now you know that technology is very important in our lives, especially in developing Africa’s future. Hope it will be useful for us.