4 Technologies in Japan That Will Make You Amazed

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Japan is full innovative ideas, futuristic technology, and many things that will make you amazed. This country is one of the best destination to get more knowledge, such as the opportunity to learn about culture, trends, practices the local religion or even technology that so amazing. That’s so cool right? here the information about 4 technologies in Japan that will make you amazed.

4 Technologies in Japan That Will Make You Amazed

1. Fancy Japanese Toilets
Who said that toilets are just the same in everywhere? it’s not gonna be happen in Japan. Their toilets look so fancy, which have features that most other people from different countries have never dreamed of. It has a background noise that used to cover any sounds that the user of toilets may make. It also has a warm cleansing spray, self seat, built in water saving sink and other features. You will be amazed to see and try that kind of toilets. So, do you wanna try it?

2. Automatically Opening Taxi Doors
The next best of technologies in Japan that will make you amazed are automatically opening taxi doors. The doors are well controlled by a button up front and swing open really fast than other taxi in the world. They also twice as great when it’s raining out. That’s so cool right?

Underground Bicycle Garages

3. Underground Bicycle Garages
Underground bicycle is one of the technologies in Japan that will make you amazed. This technology will automatically save your bike in a big underground cylinder, which keeps it safe from being thieved and also natural disasters. That’s why it also reducing the number of crowded at stress level. If you want to use it, that’s so simple. You just can simply re-insert your card into the attached machine and it will spit your bike out in around ten seconds or more.

4. Automated Vehicle Garages
This technology is a bigger version of the bicycle garages, which comes in any kind of shapes and also sizes. The driver can slide the vehicle off to the side, then others in the basement of high buildings imagine a circular pad so that the vehicle can be rotated in 180o. It can be driven out in the other direction that it was driven.

That’s all the information about 4 Technologies in Japan That Will Make You Amazed. If you want to try it, you can go and traveling around Japan. It will make you get more experience into it. Let’s have a try!