Amazing! 3 Brilliant Innovations of Japan That You Should Know

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Japan is well-known as the country that has so many innovations and technology that very amazing. Each year, Japan gave the world the bullet train, tha Walkman and also blue LED light that showcases its latest and cutting edge consumer technologies. Even in 2017, Sharp introduced the 8K era with its dazzling 27-inch monitor of the same resolution, which release in the same month as the Lenovo.

Do you want to know more about it? here the information about 3 Brilliant Innovations of Japan That You Should Know.

3 Brilliant Innovations of Japan That You Should Know

1. Earprint

You may not ever heard about any kind of earprint right? This technology is so easy to use, you can just lift the device to the side of the head and presses the center of the touch screen on your ear. A sound will send into the ear and it will be echoed back to you, which specific to each individual. ERGO or the software of this earprint uses sensors that connected in modern Android smartphones, meaning that no need additional hardware.

An army of factory robots

2. An army of factory robots

An army of factory robots or white robots that launched in January, gather data as they roam around and also making maps in their brain. Then, they can use it to independently navigate the environment. The controller of this best technology is set the robot to detect unexpected objects using the map to route to the destination from the first.

This technology can travel at about 1.8 meters per second or more, and also can carry a maximum load of 130 kg. The mobile robot even has been tried and serving customers drinks at Incheon Airport in South Korea. That’s so amazing right? It is a must for you to try if visiting Japan at holiday.

3. The Calorie Scanner

Do you feel fat and don’t know how to lose weight? Firstly you have to have the calorie scanner. This amazing technology has a goal at those with diabetes and other diet affected health conditions. The calorie scanner stores nutritional data and hopes that it will be able to suggest recipes based on the users’ needs. This technology is very recommended for you who want to do a diet. It will help you a lot, especially to calculate your calorie needs, nutritional needs and etc.

That’s the information about 3 Brilliant Innovations of Japan That You Should Know. Each innovations that their own uniqueness, so you can try one of them time by time to know how amazing they are. Let’s have a try!