The Amazing Tech Innovations at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics

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South Korea is one of the world’s fifth biggest exporter and also 10th largest economy. It has 50 million home to tech giants including LG, Samsung and Hyundai. That’s why South Korea is well known in developing Science, ICT and future planning. South Korean has also team up with the local companies to put together an experience that they hope will make the country’s dominance in advanced technologies.

South Korea is already known as a booming tech hub that also making to impress the world with so many innovations in 2018 Winter Olympics. What are the innovations? here the information.

The Amazing Tech Innovations at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics
1. Next-level viewing experience
South Korea has the next level of viewing experience. The South Korea’s broadcasters are airing all their events in Ultra HD standard, which has four times higher in resolution than other. The Winter Olympics will be seen with the most widespread that use of 360-degree virtual reality (VR) cameras of any sports event. The viewer will get better experience in watching TV than ever. That’s so amazing right?

2. Ghost Skier Technology
Ghost-skier technology is a live run that covering by a previous run and also can be compared in the real time. It offers viewers an even better experience in watching. The Hologram Live service will also project athlete interviews from the slopes as holograms, and make the viewers feel like they’re right there.


3. Instantaneous translation
Korea’s electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute has teamed up with the local software, which create GenieTalk. This application is a voice-recognition instant translation that will be able to translate Korean into 29 languages so well. It will make the abroad viewers can understand well about what the korean speak.

That’s all the information about The Amazing Tech Innovations at South Korea’s 2018 Winter Olympics. Hope it will be useful for us, now we know any kinds of technology that very amazing from South Korea right?