5 New Technologies in Education to Get a Better Future

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Technology brings so many advantages for our life, especially in education. It will make you ask for a long time what the latest gadgets that will change your classroom in future? That’s so hard to know right? but there are some lists of the new technologies in education to get a better future. It comes with its best innovation that also change the way students and teachers learn in future. If you want to know more, here the information about it.
5 New Technologies in Education to Get a Better Future

1. Flashnotes
Flashnotes is a notes that will not make you bored in studying, you can draw and makes doodle on the side of your notes. Make sure that you make it colorful and creatively to motivated yourself. It also allows you to upload the lecture notes and sell them to other students who need help in studying a hard lesson.

2. Study Blue
Who don’t have smartphone? Almost every students have it right? The study blue will allow you to organize so many course works, store notes and flashcards or even share the materials with other students. You can study everywhere, even standing in line for coffee, riding the bus and other activities.

3. Papertab
Papertab is one the interesting stuff to make your study easier. It is an important part of the school life ever, so you must try it at least once a lifetime!

4. Chromebooks
Chromebooks are the competitor of tablets, which has so many advantages. They are cheap, easy to use, and also offers the traditionl keyboard for taking a note and fast in typing.

5. Lore
Lore is a new startup that use Facebook type platform for the education. It allows professors and students to communicate, follow each other and also discuss class work and lectures. That’s so simple and efficient right? You must try it at least once a lifetime.

That’s all the information about 5 New Technologies in Education to Get a Better Future. Hope that it will be useful for us who don’t know exactly about the new technology to make our life easier now.