7 reasons why you should be excited about the future of technology

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During the early 1900s, the world predicted that there would be flying cars by 2010. While this has yet to happen, there are improvements that we’ve successfully achieved due to the advances in technology.

These improvements are only the beginning of our industrial age and the opening to ay new exciting technologies. Here are seven reasons why you should be excited about the future of technology.

1. Self-Driving Vehicles

Today, self-driven cars exist and are becoming much safer than cars driven by humans. We are expected to see how much more reliable they will grow over the next five years and will start to go mainstream. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 1.5 million people die every year from car-related accidents.

Self-driven vehicles will continue to rise as there will be a reduced need for parking. Cars will also be able to communicate with each other to avoid accidents, traffic jams and even allow riders to spend more time on their work, studies, socializing and taking care of their families.

2. Solar Power Energy

With the significant attempts to help fight climate change, the demand for reducing energy is needed more than ever. Fortunately, clean energy is coming more convenient and cost-effective due to technology advances. The cost of the winder and solar energy has recently dropped to an all-time low as more homes have installed solar power panels within the recent past years.

Aside from homes, Tesla is also creating affordable, high-performance electric cars as well as installing charging stations around the world.

3. Virtual Reality

As computer processors are becoming fast enough to power virtual experiences, companies like Apple Google, Microsoft and Facebook are said to be investing billions to make VR and AR more comfortable, immersive and affordable. While virtual reality has gained a reputation of being used solely for games, it is also used for medical applications such as helping rehabilitate people with paralysis and treating phobias.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has slowly made technological advances in the past decade. Due to the massive increase in data collection, AI can be applied to nearly any field. The broad expansion of AI is dedicated to liberating people from repetitive mental and physical tasks.

Some worry that AI will destroy jobs. However, it does create new and better jobs to replace those eliminated. For example, when the typographer jobs suddenly dropped, the increase in graphic designers made up for the loss.

5. Drones and Flying Automobiles

Years ago, the GPS was only used for military technology. Now, it is used to hail taxis, map directions, and even to go hunt Pokémon. The same applies to drones, which are now used for a broad range of commercial and consumer applications. Now, Google and Amazon are building sufficient drones to deliver household items and deliver medical supplies to remote villages that are hard to reach.

Flying cars are slowly, but surely becoming a reality. They use the same advanced technology that is employed in drones and is large enough to carry passengers. With the recent advances in batteries, materials, and software, flying cars are expected to be more convenient and affordable.

6. Pocket Computers

Rumors say that by the year 2020 more than 80% of adults will have a Wi-Fi-connected smartphone. As today’s smartphones are considered as supercomputers, smartphones that use Google will have more access to information than what we had nearly ten years ago.

7. New Space Age

Since the early 1950s, the majority of space funds came from governments all over the world. While the budget as slowly declined, private space companies have started to appear. These new space companies provide a broad variety of services and products such as scientific research, imaging satellites, rocket launches, and even emerging speculative business models such as asteroid mining.

To date, the most famous privately-owned space company is Elon Musk’s SpaceX. Another interesting private space company is Planetary Resources, who are trying to pioneer a new industry of asteroid mining. If the mission is successful, this could lead to a whole new gold rush from outer space. Not only will this result in increased funding for new technologies, but it will also be the beginning of a new age of wonders.


While technology hasn’t exactly lead up to switching gas-fueled vehicles to flying cars, we are surely heading in the right direction to create bigger and better things.

Are you feeling excited for the future of technology? We sure are! Comment below and tell us what you think!