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a1Founded in 2012, Future Foundation is your guide to the latest, upcoming future technologies. Discover the many new and exciting adventures with Future Foundation as we report the latest developments in technology and the world around it. 

Future Foundation provides spectacular photography and fresh news on technology that helps connect people with the great ideas and minds in the world of science. We feature all of the latest and most exciting technology. We focus on the latest reviews on 3D printers, VR, AR, smart wearables, drones, and more. 

Here at Future Foundation, every issue delivers:

  • The latest news, developments, and upcoming technology
  • Compelling breakthroughs in technology that has helped in health, science, medication, education and more
  • Cutting-edge technology and its impact on humans and our future
  • Intriguing articles from renegade scientists, opinion makers, and award-winning editors.

Future Foundation is a free community resource that explores all facets of technology. We work closely with experts in the industry to provide a constant stream of useful and engaging content. 

As the field of technology continues to grow, we put a premium dedication of resources that explain how technology fits into our lives. We work to broaden the conversations and thinking that surrounds design and research. 

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