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“Anthropogenic Climate Destabilization: A Worst-case Scenario” Humanity 3000 Workshop

September 2008

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September 2008

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June 2008

“Think Globally, Act Locally” Humanity 3000 Seminar

April 2008


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American Climate Alliance




The mission of the American Climate Alliance is to assemble US climate-action organizations, nongovernmental climate groups, and energy corporations into a coalition whose purpose is to cause the US government to create a National Climate Administration that will provide technology leadership to the world to mitigate human-caused global climate change. 


An American Climate Alliance website, separate from the Foundation For the Future website, is currently under construction. When the ACA website goes live within the next few months, it may be reached at


Why an American Climate Alliance?

Foundation For the Future hosted a scientific workshop entitled “Anthropogenic Climate Destabilization: A Worst-case Scenario” September 12–14, 2008, in Bellevue, Washington USA. Climate scientists from America and Europe participated in the three-day workshop. The worst-case scenario of climate change portends catastrophic impacts on global civilization and the future of humanity. One outcome of the workshop, the proceedings of which will be published in 2009, is a new initiative proposed by Walter Kistler, President of Foundation For the Future, to establish an alliance of American climate-action groups, nongovernmental environmental organizations, and energy corporations that are concerned with the human contribution to global warming. The purpose of the new alliance is to stimulate the US government to take a technology leadership role in the world to solve anticipated climate change impacts on humanity.

Walter Kistler believes that the United States should be a leader in developing solutions to the problems that are arising as a result of the climate changes currently occurring on Planet Earth. Kistler proposes the creation of a new government agency similar to NASA to take a leadership role in the struggle to reduce the impact of global climate change on humanity. The proposed name of the new agency is the National Climate Administration (NCA).


American prestige in the world is now at a low point and Third World countries are much more concerned with global warming than the United States is. It is time for the United States to play a leadership role in mitigating the impact of global climate change.

The US should not be dragged along by the United Nations and the other nations. The US should be a leader; it has the capability, the money, the know-how, and the creativity to bring this about.

The US should implement a plan to support the development of the technologies needed to mitigate the impact of climate change and export those technologies to countries around the world.

—Walter Kistler, September 14, 2020