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Walter P. Kistler Book Award


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William Calvin Receives Walter P. Kistler Book Award for 2006

William H. CalvinDr. Calvin is the 2006 recipient of the Walter P. Kistler Book Award, which recognizes authors of science-based books that make important contributions to the public’s understanding of the factors that may impact the long-term future of humanity.

In A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution & Abrupt Climate Change, William Calvin takes the reader on an e-seminar odyssey from London to Europe, then Africa, then over Greenland for a broad sweep of hominid history and the likely impacts to it of abrupt climate change. And one climate change the book discusses in detail is the catastrophic cooling that is all too likely to stem from global warming. Calvin writes: “… the abrupt cooling and drying promoted by human-enhanced warming looks like a particularly efficient means of committing mass suicide….”

The Walter P. Kistler Book Award is given annually to authors of science-based books that significantly increase the knowledge and understanding of the public regarding subjects that will shape the future of our species. It includes a cash prize of US$10,000 and a certificate, and is presented personally by the originator of the award program, Walter Kistler, benefactor of the Foundation.


"A Brain for All Seasons" book coverOur attitude toward climate change has long been like that of the driver who cannot stop when his headlights illuminate an obstacle, because of going too fast. Science is providing us with somewhat better headlights. Indeed, it has just told us that global warming has an evil twin, that there are going to be some missing bridges on that dark road ahead, not just some bumps but some voids where the comfortable road drops out from under us.

— Dr. William H. Calvin, A Brain for All Seasons