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“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Executive Summary

“Water – The Crisis Ahead” Executive Summary

Winter 2010 Newsletter

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Norman Myers Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• May 18, 2020

12th Annual Kistler Prize

• Fall 2011



“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Workshop

• Taipei, Taiwan
• November 2010

Peter Ward Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• October 2010

11th Annual Kistler Prize

• September 2010

“Managing the Future”

• Talk by Sesh Velamoor
• July 2010

“Water – The Crisis Ahead”

• Humanity 3000 Workshop
• April 2010  [AUDIO FILES]






Research Grant Awards


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Grants Awarded



  Awardee Halina Ward
  Affiliation Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development, London, England
  Title of Project The Future of Democracy in the Face of Climate Change
  Amount Awarded US$15,000
  Date Completed By end of year 2010


  Awardee Richard A. Slaughter
  Affiliation Foresight International, Indooroopilly, Australia
  Title of Project The “State of Play” in the Futures Field
  Amount Awarded US$23,000
  Date Completed October 2007



  Awardee Liane Gabora
  Affiliation University of British Columbia – Okanagan, Kelowna, BC, Canada
  Title of Project Computational Model of the Evolution and Interaction of Ideologies
  Amount Awarded US$10,000
  Date Completed May 2008



  Awardee Bill Warren/Spencer Wells
  Affiliation National Geographic Society, Washington, DC USA
  Title of Project The Genographic Project: Tracing Humanity's Roots to a Single Origin
  Amount Awarded US$25,000
  Date Completed December 2005



  Awardee Alexander Rose/Stewart Brand
  Affiliation The Long Now Foundation, Sausalito, CA USA
  Title of Project The Timeline Project
  Amount Awarded US$20,000
  Date Completed October 2004



  Awardee Brian O’Neill
  Affiliation Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, Providence, RI USA
  Title of Project Future Global Energy Use: Lessons from the Past
  Amount Awarded US$10,000



  Awardee Guillermo Lemarchand
  Affiliation Centro de Estudios Avanzados, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Title of Project The Transition from the Technological Adolescent Civilization Age (TACA) to the Technological Mature Civilization Age (TeMCA)
  Amount Awarded US$12,500


  Awardee Walter Truett Anderson
  Affiliation Meridian International Institute, San Francisco, CA USA
  Title of Project Enlightenment and Evolution: The Long-Term Future of Human Identity
  Amount Awarded US$12,100
  Date Completed April 2002



  Awardee Dr. John Robinson
  Affiliation Self-Employed Research Consultant, Wellington, New Zealand
  Title of Project A Review of Some Forecasts to the End of the Century and Beyond
  Amount Awarded US$10,000
  Date Completed July 2000


  Awardee Dr. Sohail Inayatullah
  Affiliation Independent Scholar, Queensland, Australia
  Title of Project An Analysis of the Longer Term Futures of Humanity: Factors and Probable Futures
  Amount Awarded US$8,000
  Date Completed March 2001


  Awardee Dr. Richard Lynn
  Affiliation Ulster Institute of Social Research, Coleraine, N. Ireland
  Title of Project Is Fertility for Intelligence in the United States Dysgenic?
  Amount Awarded US$15,000
  Date Completed March 2001


  Awardee Dr. James Oberg
  Affiliation Independent Scholar, Dickinson, TX USA
  Title of Project Visions for Planetary Engineering
  Amount Awarded US$12,500
  Date Completed August 2001



Four awards were made by the Foundation For the Future in its early years before the Research Grants Program was established:

  Awardee Dr. Eric Chaisson
  Affiliation Wright Center for Innovative Science Education, Tufts University, Medford, MA USA
  Title of Project Video: Cosmic Origins:From the Big Bang to Humanity
  Amount Awarded US$138,000


  Awardee Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  Affiliation Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
  Purpose Partnership Program/Forum for the Future
  Amount Awarded US$20,000


  Awardee Dr. Jerome C. Glenn/Dr. Theodore Gordon
  Affiliation AC/UNU Millennium Project, Washington, DC USA
  Title of Project International Perceptions of Factors that May Affect the Long-Term Future of Humankind
  Amount Awarded US$60,000


  Awardee Joseph Coates
  Affiliation Kanawha Institute, Washington, DC USA
  Purpose Grants Program Development for the Foundation For the Future
  Amount Awarded US$5,000