5 Amazing High-Tech Innovation in China That You Should Know

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China is a country that has big innovations in technology, even the Chinese president Xi Jinping outlined his vision for China to be the leader in science and technology globally. China is also want to be the leading innovator worldwide by next 20 years. So that’s why China trying to make 5 amazing high-tech innovation. Read More

4 Technologies in Agriculture in The World That You Should Know

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Farmers in Australia is so precious, they are racing against a clock in one way or another. They trying to work with uncompromising weather phenomena, which is so confusing. The Australian farmers work in every aspect of their farm, whether it be a mixed or specialised in farming. Their tasks are from fixing fencex, managing Read More

The Reason Why Technology is a Key to Africa’s Future

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Technology has the biggest impact to our lives, especially for our future. In Africa, technology is good to improve people’s lives like so many applications are. For example, Ushahidi is a group of Kenyan tech experts make a way to get reports of Kenya’s post-election violence by a mobile phone, making a real time incident Read More