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12th Annual Kistler Prize

• Dr. Charles Murray
• September 2011

“Global Population and the Planetary Future – 2011”

• Humanity 3000 Workshop
• October 2011

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“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Executive Summary

“Water – The Crisis Ahead” Executive Summary

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Norman Myers Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• May 2011

“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Workshop

• Taipei, Taiwan
• November 2010

Peter Ward Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• October 2010

“Managing the Future”

• Talk by Sesh Velamoor
• July 2010

“Water – The Crisis Ahead”

• Humanity 3000 Workshop
• April 2010  [AUDIO FILES]






Humanity 3000


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Workshop 6

“Water – The Crisis Ahead”

April 21–23, 2010 | Bellevue, Washington

Foundation For the Future’s invitation-only workshop “Water – The Crisis Ahead” brought together experts on the world’s water situation for a three-day workshop in April. Prominent US and international analysts, researchers, and scholars who are authorities in the history of water and civilization, the current state of water on the globe, and what humankind can expect going forward gathered in Bellevue, Washington, for the face-to-face meetings. Perspectives from art and theology joined those from science in the multidisciplinary discussions.


Audio files of workshop presentations and discussions

Hear what workshop participants had to say about the water crisis on Planet Earth.

Photo Gallery

Images of participants at work during the workshop.


There is a growing realization that water could well be emerging as a bigger crisis for humanity than oil, but few in the general public are aware of the urgent need to address this issue. In keeping with its mission, Foundation For the Future put sharp focus on the subject by convening a workshop of internationally recognized experts on the coming water crisis. To read the key findings of the workshop, click on "Water – The Crisis Ahead" Executive Summary in the sidebar at left, under RECENT PUBLICATIONS.

Among aspects the workshop explored were:

• Water’s complex role in society and in the history of past civilizations

• Assessment of the water situation in key geographical areas of the planet

• Water and current international efforts in governance, finance, and conflict resolution

• Research and technologies being developed for solutions to the water crisis

• The business of water

• The current state of global activism related to water

• Water and the long-term future of humanity

Agenda Summary

Through a varied agenda featuring presentations and plenary discussions, the participants arrived at the two most critical water issues facing humanity in the long-term future. The two broad issues were governance and technology. Each of these was the focus of a "Fishbowl" conversation.


Mr. Ger Bergkamp
Director General
World Water Council
Marseille, France

Dr. Dennis M. Bushnell*
Chief Scientist
NASA Langley Research Center
Hampton, Virginia USA

Dr. Brian Fagan
Lindbriar Corporation
Santa Barbara, California USA

Prof. Basia Irland
Professor Emerita
Department of Art and Art History
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

Dr. Cynthia Moe-Lobeda
Associate Professor, Environmental Studies,
Theology and Religious Studies
Seattle University
Seattle, Washington USA

Prof. T.N. Narasimhan
Professor Emeritus
Dept. of Materials Sciences and Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, California USA

Mr. Ravi Narayanan*
Vice Chair
Governing Council
Asia Pacific Water Forum
Bangalore, India

Dr. Andrew R. Parker*
Research Leader
The Natural History Museum
London, England UK

Dr. Peter P. Rogers
Gordon McKay Professor of Environmental Engineering
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

Dr. Vernon L. Scarborough
Charles Phelps Taft Professor & Dept. Head
Department of Anthropology
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Dr. Tony J. Wilkinson*
Department of Archaeology
Durham University
Old Elvet, Durham UK

Mr. Kenneth R. Wright
Wright Water Engineers
Denver, Colorado USA

Dr. Chunmiao Zheng
Professor of Hydrogeology
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA

* Four participants were unable to attend the workshop but still contributed to the findings.




Evidence is mounting that drought is the silent and insidious killer associated with global warming. … Many futurists believe the wars of coming centuries will not be fought over petty nationalisms, religion, or democratic principles, but over water….

— From Brian Fagan’s The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations (Bloomsbury USA, 2009). Dr. Fagan was among the speakers at the workshop "Water – The Crisis Ahead."