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“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Executive Summary

“Water – The Crisis Ahead” Executive Summary

Winter 2010 Newsletter

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Norman Myers Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• May 18, 2020

12th Annual Kistler Prize

• Fall 2011



“Global Transitions and Asia 2060” Workshop

• Taipei, Taiwan
• November 2010

Peter Ward Lecture

• Walter P. Kistler Lecture Series
• October 2010

11th Annual Kistler Prize

• September 2010

“Managing the Future”

• Talk by Sesh Velamoor
• July 2010

“Water – The Crisis Ahead”

• Humanity 3000 Workshop
• April 2010  [AUDIO FILES]






The Next Thousand Years
Television Series





A four-program documentary series for public television, now in project planning. The purpose of the series is to help an informed public engage with the drivers of change, to understand the wild cards that threaten humanity’s survival, to explore the moral and ethical issues surrounding choices we make, and to examine our ability – and responsibility – to manage the future of our species.



In its first decade of operation, the Foundation has pursued its mission by conducting workshops, seminars, and symposia, bringing together some of the world's most prominent thinkers for dialogues on issues that may have significant impact on humanity's future. Their comments and conclusions are captured in proceedings and on videotape. Now the Foundation is expanding into television, with its potential to share with vast audiences around the world an examination of alternative futures.

The Next Thousand Years television series, an outgrowth of the Humanity 3000 Program, is an ambitious step in the Foundation's efforts to live its mission. The four-program series is based on the most current scientific information and the thinking of the best minds on the planet, to give the audience some comprehension of the potentials for the evolution of human culture during the next thousand years. Viewers will gain a richer understanding of the past and present, then look through windows opened by scientific discoveries and technological advances to consider the question: Where does humanity go from here?


Each of the four programs in The Next Thousand Years series will address key aspects of life going forward into the very long-term future.

Program 1: Earth and Beyond
Program 2: The Future Human
Program 3: The Evolution of Culture
Program 4: The Horizons of Knowledge

Participating Scholars

Some 75 scholars, representing all major academic disciplines and numerous professional fields, from various countries and cultures, bring their expertise and insights to The Next Thousand Years. [Quotes from Scholars]


A Producers Workshop was convened April 19–21, 2002, to explore two aspects of producing The Next Thousand Years: the program content and approaches to presenting the program content. Seventeen television producers and eleven scholars joined in those conversations.

A total of four workshops – one for each of the four programs in the series – will be conducted, bringing together scholars whose expertise matches the subject area for each respective program. The first of these workshops was conducted in November 2002 for Program 1: "The Future Human." The second workshop, in June 2004, provided material for "Earth and Beyond."

Educational Outreach

In keeping with its mission to increase and diffuse knowledge concerning the long-term future of humanity, the Foundation plans an extensive educational outreach program growing out of and coordinated with The Next Thousand Years television series.